Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Videocast: "Parzival" and a Misunderstood Man

In this new episode of De Amore: On Love with Brikena Ribaj I discuss the rather quiet, wondering, and anxious character of Gahmuret. Just what is it, other than the call for knightly adventure, that makes Gahmuret stir-crazy and so interested in moving about and exploring new places and people? What is it that informs Gahrmuret's [gender?] anxiety? In this piece I also tip the hat to Boethius and Umberto Eco and his work Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages.

Again, great thanks to Paul for his superb job with the green screen and the visuals.
This episode, along with the others, is also available on iTunes.

You may see me discuss these questions below.

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Anonymous said...

I really dig how you discuss medieval topics in such a fresh, modern way: sporting modern hair, modern boyfriend jacket, trendy glasses, and,[ ah!] black nail polish. :)

Anonymous said...

I need to learn to leave one comment in one go. Is Gahmuret unique to Parzival or is he pretty symptomatic of medieval, knightly times? His desire to move about as you put it is informed by the need to collect as much 'adventure' as possible, no?
Is his melancholy of the Boethius 'ubi sunt' way? Could he be moving because he wants to retain his youth and physical strength or is rejecting the greatness that befell him by marrying into the super 'elite' Herzeloyde family (they being related to the grail and such....)
I need to revisit Parzival. Wolfram was very melancholy himself, too....

Dana said...

I look forward to the podcasts. The modern approach to Gahmuret's psyche is interesting to entertain. I've often wondered how people dealt with psychological issues before we coined the language of psychology in the 19th century. I also need to 'revisit' Parzival. One question, how different is the Wolfram (German) version from the French one?

Dana said...

The format is great, from every perspective.
Also a fan of the boyfriend jacket. I like the background and the green screen work, too!