Monday, April 19, 2010

New Videocast: Nurse Jackie, The United States of Tara: A Review

This is the best quality videocast to date. As one of the readers noted, the opening sequence is very Tokyo, or rather, very 'Harajuku meets the West'. I would concur with that point. Major tip of the hat to Paul for his spectacular work with the new visual input.The podcasts are also available on iTunes.

You may see me review Nurse Jackie and The United States of Tara below.

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Unknown said...

The Tudors is a show that gets stronger the longer it's on the air, I think. Are you reviewing it anytime soon?

Unknown said...

I really like this!! I dig the green screen stuff. NICE!
I've always found the second season of a lot of cool shows lacking in quality. One example comes to mind, True Blood. What in the world was that second season about?!
It's better to just let something good go its organic way and often that means one season.
I do like Edie Falco though. She seems a bit 'bored' during the second season, though.

Dana said...

Awesome layout!!
I liked season one of Nurse Jackie. too. The current season is a bit slow and not as gripping as the first. I do love Eve Best in it, though.

JJ said...

Nice opening sequence. Very psychodelic/chic.
What's not helping my interest in Tara is the lack of relatability to the plot and subject matter. I agree that the actors are the ones carrying these shows. Collette is a real pro!

Will said...

I love, love, love the opening of this, too. Very Tokyo, I thought. :) Harajuku meets the West?
I think that Jackie is a good example of this ontology fluidity that Butler and co speak of, right> She seems to be really good at a lot of things and identities, professional and personal/social.

Anonymous said...

Viola Davis does have, as you say, 'range.'
She's so talented and so little used. I thought she was superb in Doubt.
Cool layout, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

This is ever cooler on the bigger iTunes screen. I like this very well!!

Becca said...

I was thinking if it's possible at all to get all the vids embedded on the page itself. I'd like to revisit other pieces as well.
I saw pisode 5 from the second season of Tara last night and you're night. What's the making of the show is truly Collette's acting. She's superb.