Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sue Sylvester Channels Madonna

I am happy to see of Jane Lynch's recent successes as she is a most deserving actor. After stealing the show in Guest's Best in Show I looked forward to seeing her portrayals in all else. She is usually cast in supporting roles and when giving herself to the part she trumps all other performances around her. She has raw talent and I suspect her current work in Glee will result in a much deserved Emmy.

Here is Sue Sylvester channeling the Material Girl's Vogue:

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Anonymous said...

She really is talented. I loved her in Julie/Julia as well. She knows how to steal a scene.

Unknown said...

Jane Lynch is an example of what hard work and raw talent means. She's 50 and totally happening. You watch Glee, btw?

Liam said...

i actually saw this last night. first glee i've seen since the pilot or second episode, so i went ahead and placed season 1 on hold at the library. :)