Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening: A Review

Very often when I get asked what the soundtrack of my current life is I tend to give an answer along the lines of "you know, indie, synth-pop, a bit of Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, and, of course, LCD Soundsystem, a lot of that, actually. And a bit indie Brit, too."

I had been looking forward to LCD Soundsystem's new album as their 2007 highly rated album, "Sound of Silver," in a nutshell, blew me out of the water. The trance elements in new tracks like 'One touch' reveal one thing about the unique brand of music that James Murphy contributes: he does his music homework well.

The album feels the way a synth-pop a-la-80's is supposed to feel in 2010. Murphy gets adaptation. However, the album is not simply a 'tip of the hat' to previous styles and times. It is also innovative in its seemingly fragmented yet well put together wholeness. For instance, the end of one track "All I Want" actually made me think of Stravinsky's "Dance of the Adolescents". It's disjointed yet very much a part of the whole. Brilliant, just brilliant.

I've reviewed this band generously over the years and I've done so for good reason. Their music have brought me much joy and it has informed my life very well. You can read those reviews here, here, and here. Moral of the story: if it's high-frequency, chances are it's good, well, here at least. A few years ago, back in 2007 to be more specific, I rated LCD Soundsystem's album "Sound of Silver" as the best of the year. This new album might just rival the last. Such an exciting, new addition to one's music library!

My favorite tracks of the album would have to be in this order:

-All I want (this is a spectacular track!!)
-One Touch
-Somebody's calling me
-Dance Yrself clean (the way this builds up is nothing if not poetic.)

You may listen to the album for free here. If you're in the mood for synth, techno a-la-trance, electronica, and good ol' rock 'n roll, give it a try. The album will be released in the US on May 18, 2010.

Tip of the hat to Spin magazine for the pointer. Their cover is here.

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Unknown said...

Have you seen them in concert by the way. They'll be going to Coachella this year, too.

Unknown said...

I've been craving some new music recently so this comes just in time. I loved Sound of Silver too so I'm looking forward to this. I also think it a good idea for artists to make their new albums available for free 'listens' before they're released for sale. I appreciate it.

Dana said...

Synth pop AND Stravinsky?! Def. getting it!!

Max said...

Have you thought about collecting all of your music reviews in one booklet type of thing? Just an idea....

Anonymous said...

touche, max!!

Anonymous said...

Added. thx.

JJ said...

Murphy's the man! Such a talented musician. I do agree with you in that he does do his homework thoroughly.