Saturday, July 12, 2008

LCD Soundsystem: What True Music Masters Sound Like

One of the beauties of travel is the ability to spend more time with the iPod and iTrip. Well that and actively trying to convert my person to keep the same album on repeat for, uhm, days. But I digress.
While I knew I already liked LCD Soundsystem quite a bit I am glad to report that that degree of liking is much higher now. As a mater of fact, it's the only band I've been listening to for weeks. And if that doesn't say much about the caliber of their art, I don't know what else to say.

LCD Soundsystem is my current favorite band. Music like this can only come from people who are acutely aware of life on a micro level. Their experience can be viewed in slow
motion. And clearly so.
Their last album made most lists as best album of '07 and rightly so.
Those who enjoy the genuinely existential sound of The Strokes and
everything alternative from Franz Ferdinand to Death Cab for Cutie will
find these guys not only superbly informed bur aesthetically solid as
well. A great, great addition to your music library. Tracks like Someone Great, New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down, and Get Innocuous aren't just good, they're incomparably good.
Here they are live:

graph per lineout


Anonymous said...

Yes! She's back!! Don't make me read objectionable stuff, chica! Glad you're baaaack.

Anonymous said...

I need to be converted too, you know?

Unknown said...

Sound of Silver is one of the best albums out there! I HEART these guys, too. Come convert me, too :-)

Where did you get that picture, btw. I like, very much.
Ah yes, have you seen them live?

Anonymous said...

For real. Franz Ferdinand who? :) These guys rock.

Anonymous said...

LCD Soundsystem are a good example of the need to have high hopes for music still. These guys rule!