Monday, November 2, 2009

Germany's New Conservative Cabinet

It consists of:

A Vietnamese immigrant, brought from that war-torn country as a tiny child.

A baron, the grandson of a princess, who lives in his family’s five-hundred year old castle.

A widow who once worked for the patent office.

A paraplegic.

A huffy gay man.

A former captain of paratroopers.

A mother of seven.

Read more here.

Hat tip to MR for the pointer.

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Dana said...

Diversity quota: filled.

Isn't it interesting though that Westerwelle gets so much attention for primarily being an out gay politician?
Who's the mother of seven? Angela Merkel?

JJ said...

Westerweller does get a lot of attention. Quite a cabinet, indeed.

Sean said...

Quite a collection. Oh, just saw on the news that Mergel is addressing congress today.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the boxes are checked, yup.