Monday, November 2, 2009

Bikers Share the Street

I have recently converted to road bikes. My Cannondale served me very well but it was a tad ostentatious for the relief in Central Ohio as it is very flat. So, I moved up, as my biker friends would say, by getting a road bike. The thing is, (and I realize this is a tad bizarre) when living out West surrounded by high mountains, I also rode a fantastic road bike which would have been a better fit for Flat-landia. And the Cannondale would have served me a lot better there but irony is, after all, one of the things I live for, I'm told.

My current bike is not just any bike. It's a Jamis Ventura which when turned loose on the brand-new asphalt morphs into some kind of superhero. It flies and it seems to be saying that I better fly with it if I'm keen on staying on top.

Almost daily, however, I am observing that some drivers are a bit impatient with riders and one of them for instance, expressly told me to use the sidewalk. Now, if I had more time, I would have, politely of course, informed the car passenger that, in the event that he has a driver's license he should have already gleaned from the test manual that bikers are to be treated like other motorists. We share the road and both parties need to be aware of the rules of traffic. Bikers should NOT be on the sidewalk. However, all I could say to the man in the space of a second was, "Nah!"

And I went back to enjoying the superb piece of engineering that is the Jamis Ventura.

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Dana said...

You looked like you were on a mission. I understand now why. The Jamis is calling the shots now. How do you like them apples?
Did you trade the Cannondale in? I'm looking to change for another model, too?

JJ said...

Sentence of the day 'It's a Jamis Ventura which when turned loose on the brand-new asphalt morphs into some kind of superhero.'

Sra said...

Nice bike. I ride a hybrid, but my next bike will be a road bike. As light as a hybrid is compared to a mountain bike, it is still heavier to push up a hill than a road bike. I have my eye on a Bianchi, but I am afraid to look at the price tag.

I hate when motorists don't know how to behave around cyclists. It would be nice if, in order to get your driver's license, you had to be a bike commuter for a week, just so you understand what it's like on that side. I am a much more bike-aware driver since becoming a bike commuter.

Sean said...

There are a lot of bikers who don't respect the road, though. As there are drivers. But, for the most part, serious riders keep to the rules of the road.
I've mostly used Specialized bikes but the Jamis does look good. What are the stats?

Anonymous said...

Some sort of superhero. Ha!
How does the Jamis compare to the Cannodale when the weather is bad?

Anonymous said...

I was also going to ask about any additional gear you might be using...

Anonymous said...

I'm more vociferous on the topic now that I've become a biker myself.

Anonymous said...

Sweet wheels! I hope you have a good helmet. A professor's head needs extra protection!