Monday, September 28, 2009

Rightwinger, German Style

In light of the elections in Germany, I've been reading a number of various German politics- and culture-related news.
This one, via Matt Yglesias, takes the cake.
He writes:
"Germany’s Free Democrats have a lot of pro-business tax cutting views, much like our Republicans. But they’re also liberal on cultural questions. Thus things like these t-shirts people were wearing at their election party last night:

The t-shirts say roughly: “make love, not tax forms.”
More here.
Tip of the hat to Yglesias.

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Dana said...

Make love not tax form! Amen!
I've been watching Spiegel TV today and the election coverage. Good stuff. For some reason, I find German political shows really, really funny!

Anonymous said...

HA! I want one of those t-shirts!

JJ said...

I love the look on the second model.
I'd rock that shirt!!

Anonymous said...

That's a shirt I'd wear too.

Dieter said...

Also, besser als der Steuersong, gell?