Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bill Maher's New Rules

I make it a point to follow Bill Maher's HBO program called Real Time with Bill Maher as I find his particular kind of humor and eye for social contextuality quite unique. This season however hasn't quite qualitatively matched his work in previous season. Till last episode that it.

Maher seemed to be his good old self in the last episode and that might largely be due to the fact that he had Paul Krugman, Eliot Spitzer, and John Waters in the September 25th episode. Here's to hoping that he keeps the momentum going. In the meantime, tip of the hat to his last show. Maher was quick, funny, and likably vulnerable seeing that he was discussing economics with a Nobel laureate in economics.

Here's his New Rules from his last show:

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Unknown said...

Totally. Friday's show was very, very good. I was starting to get bored watching Maher but he's back now. I remember thinking last week that he was getting tired of his show. Last week's especially was so lackluster!
But Friday's show was really, really strong. And John Water? Brilliant!
I quite liked Spitzer, too.

Unknown said...

Oh, what did you make of the whole polyester suit joke between Maher and Waters? Watched a repeat of that exchange but still didn't get the reference.

Anonymous said...

Maher is funny!!

Anonymous said...

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