Monday, July 27, 2009

Assorted Links

1) A linguist's efforts to preserve a language.

2) On HBO's phenomenal Allan Ball-created show True Blood. I was glad to find out that Ball has been asked to create a third season. My personal favorite, Alexander Skarsgård, is the true gem of the second season, I find. Read the Rolling Stone bit on this new show here.

3) A review of Heath Ledger's last film.

4) Amy Adams of the new new film Julie/Julia talks food and butter.

5) A very good piece on Juliette Lewis. A bit of the featured interview says:
"What does the idea of rebellion mean to you?
Rebellion, to me, is about finding out where you feel safe, and then stepping outside of that space. I never got into acting to be safe. I get the most out of myself right before I start a project, when I’m scared to death. That’s the revolt, that’s the rebellion."
Read it all here.

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Sra said...

I like the Juliette Lewis quote; it's an interesting take.

Sean said...

I often wonder about the fate of spoken languages and how quickly so many of them are dying out. It makes the spoken/written argument aspect of language even more relevant.

Liam said...

cataloging dying languages seems like a good idea, but i can't decide if outside forces should influence a decision to keep a language alive.

Unknown said...

Keeping a record of spoken languages is most helpful to the overall study of Language. I say, more linguistics should get involved and record the many dying languages out there. Observation does not mean interference.