Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ouch, Spiegel, Very Ouch

Well, I disagree with the Spiegel film review of Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona. At the same time, the generous amount of sun we were exposed to during the summer, which is when we had a chance to watch Woody Allen's latest composite of therapy sessions, might have contributed to my mostly positive review of the film.
And since HetPer has a good number of German-speaking, -reading, and -understanding readers, I figured I would include the following sentence in the original. You may read the rest of the review here.
Am Ende wirkt "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" banal und nicht zu Ende gedacht, so orientierungslos wie seine beiden Heldinnen, die irgendwann nur noch dastehen wie Idiotinnen, deren Niederlagen der Film fast höhnisch zu feiern scheint.

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Anonymous said...

Don't blame the Heldinnen, guy, blame the writer.
Hissy, hissy fit!

Anonymous said...

Well, wasn't Woody Allen's point to make movies to show how 'orientierungslos' the guy is?
I'm just saying....

Anonymous said...

To evoke Jon Stewart: "Look at her go...."

Sra said...

I'm not much of an Allen fan in general, but I like Penelope Cruz. Perhaps I will add this to my list.

Anonymous said...

Sexism alert!
It's not just the female characters who seam to be moving aimlessly at the end.
The males are doing the same.
So, Spiegel reviewer, methinks you're a tad gender-biased, Bruder!

Unknown said...

I agree. He should say Helden and Idioten.
What's with the gender bias, Spiegel person?

Unknown said...

I saw this again. Rebecca Hall is quite good in it. And I'm liking Scar-Jo more and more. She's growing into her projected look.