Monday, November 10, 2008

Joe of Morning Joe Slips

Well, I might be one of the first people in the belly of the internet to blog about this, but as I was just getting ready to leave today, circa 8:13 am, Morning Joe of NBC was on at home. Joe Scarborough inadvertingly expressed an eloquent phrase when commenting about the new chief-of-staff. He didn't mean the phrase as a direct insult but rather as a general noun, hyphanated.
After the slip, an embarrassed Joe and an equally apologetic Mika started a commentary session about the profanity.
Joe observed:

"My wife is going to kill me when I go home.
I'm going to go get some soap"

His wife proceeded to text to him:
"Oh my!"

It is now 8:20 and the post-commentary explaining the use of profanity on air is still going on. I am sure the episode will become a youtube sensation.
Frankly, I do not know how they can come up with occasional, cogent comments at 6:00 AM so, Joe, and others, take the advice of Mika and move on.
We'll see how much fun Keith and Rachel will have with this one this week.


Anonymous said...

My favorite: Mika's whispering saying sth like, omg, there he goes again... My interpretation.
too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

And do you skip a beat, dude? I mean, were you actually seeing this live?

Sra said...

I'm ok with profanity on TV as long as it's used well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked by profanity on TV either. At the same time, this is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Ha. The guys's face is the best!

Paul said...

What a great metamoment. what kids are watching msnbc? 2? makes everyone involved laugh hysterically...including the viewers, and it's this taboo so you can't move the muscles to make your lips make the f sound, then glissando into a soft U sound and end it all with that CKKKKK stopping plosive. OOOOPS. I did that thing with my mouth and voicebox again!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Too funny that he was unaware for a few minutes.