Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sarah Palin's Accent: Where Is It From?

Have you ever wondered where Sarah Palin's accent comes from?
Linguist William Labov discusses Sarah Palin's accent here. Definitely worth a listen.


Anonymous said...

it definitely has a life of its own. some people seem to mostly be into her way of speaking.

Liam said...

i enjoyed this piece. if i could, i would just study regional english accents. i'd do german, too, but the differences just aren't as many nor as interesting to me.

Sra said...

I always loved phonology and regional variation. If only it were easier to make a career studying accents.

To me, Palin's accent sounds a lot like older generation Utahns, and particularly St. Georgians. Ridiculous as I think Palin is, you can't help but be somewhat charmed by the way she talks.