Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Country for Old Men: Film Review

"No Country for Old Men" is one of the reasons to go to the movies in 2007. The brothers Coen may be observed at their best in this filmic piece.

One thing about these brothers is that they truly know how to do their literary research. They come strong in this new film and the spectator is bound to follow the text most attentively. The fecundity of themes, characters, and notions is as rich as it could be.

This film delivers because it has a generous amount of elements that make a gripping story: suspense, drama, moral dilemmas, and of course, money- and human drama-fed actions.

It's a modern film that carefully marries biblical themes to modern social sensitivities.

And if I could give one reason alone why every cinephile needs to watch it, that would be the brilliant work of Javier Bardem. This Spanish actor is simply incomparable in it. May we see him more often on the silver screen.

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Unknown said...

Bardem's very talented. see him in The Sea Inside?

Anonymous said...

the irish actress from The Girl in the Cafe is also in it, right?

Anonymous said...

Excellent movie!!!

B.R. said...

That Bardem can act, that's a fact. I was blown away by his linguistic ability in this one.
Such a fan of the Coens!

Unknown said...

enjoyed it, too. thanks.

B.R. said...

Cool. Most reviewers are giving it consistently high marks.