Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christian Louboutin Looks for Steve Madden Prices?

While the Christian Louboutin "Miss Fred Tacco" retails at $695, these Steve Maddens run a 'measly' $145. And in the fashion industry, I am told, this is a true bargain.

I wonder how 'shoe plagiarism' actually works. The above-seen Steve Maddens look exactly like the Louboutin concoction. Hmm.

graphs per manolo shoe blog


Anonymous said...

ha. is it the heel color that's different? fashion folk!

Unknown said...

i guess i can still tell the louboutin and the steve maddens apart. that's as good a skill as any, eh?

B.R. said...

Right. That's why I'm blogging on this. I found the Steve Maddens exactly like the Louboutin design.
And the heel is of a different color. I have yet to see a bona fide pair, though.