Thursday, November 22, 2007

iPhone Scores Higher Than Other Cell Phones

Tech surveys maintain that the iPhone is scoring higher than any other cellular phone in the market today.

In its first year on the survey, the Apple iPhone scored a stunning 9.1 out of 10, beating the ratings that every other phone, in most categories, has received in the last three years. The iPhone's 9.6 scores in music and video playback might have been expected, but its 8.2 for call quality (a score significantly better than average), another 8.2 for coverage, and an 8.0 for earpiece volume were the new surprise.

The iPhone seems to do it all but your dishes. It's an excellent gadget even though the text messaging feature on it is still difficult to master, I find.

graph per Apple


Anonymous said...

I play with the iPhone every chance I get. And I don't feel guilty b/c after all it's 'just' a phone. Mega happy with it.

Anonymous said...

do you know when the next model's coming out?

B.R. said...

I do too. It's a good reason to go to the local Apple store. I find it relaxing as well.

As for j's question, I am thiking around Spring time? I'm sure Apple will have some info on it around Christmas time.

B.R. said...

And I'm sure I'll post something around that time.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting all the apple things since my mom got a mac.
So far we have some i's in the house like...
iMovie, iTunes, Mac, and a iPod.
What can I say im all i.
I wonder what the next i, mac, thing they are working on well better be good hasta la bye bye

B.R. said...

Nina: I really enjoyed your comment. Exactly, there are so many i's now. It's almost a 'name' by itself. iTV, iMac, iBook, iPhone, iPod,... what'e next, iPants, iGlasses, iShirts. Too funny.
But there are aesthetically superior and the content is also strong.