Sunday, October 11, 2015

And the Winner Is....

I started with the Jawbone first.
Subsequently, I moved on to the FitBit and enjoyed some great fun and competition with my friends and colleagues.
The FitBit was there when I ran my first marathon, the whole of 42.2KM in May. It was there as I trained doggedly every day for months. And, as a result, the FitBit will always hold value for me.
Plus, I'm such a fan of their customer service. Whether I broke one while wind surfing, or even lost one in the deep belly of the Pacific, it didn't matter. They sent me brand-new units. Their customer experience is outstanding!

But, as with everything, we tend to move on to other things. This is the side effect of a world that's bursting at the seams with options.

And while I have moved on from the FitBit, I made sure to have family members and friends set up with it. My parents track their activity daily and they always hit their targets. And in the process, they get more conscious of their health and activity. The FitBit is helping them with it. I think it's a great solution for people that don't need to have constant access to a lot of other information while working out.

I switched to the Moto 360 as it can do more than the two devices. The watch gave me access to my emails, texts, BBM, GPS... well, basically every app I had on the Android-powered device. And while I love the watch, it's not really a great match for my other technology. And I have a thing for consistency. Hard as I try, I can't get myself out of the habit of consistency and structure. Having it in life gives me comfort and makes me really efficient.

So, I had to start using the Apple watch. I've been an Apple user my whole life and, as any Apple user would know, it's more than just content, it's pretty much a way of life.

So, the winner is the Apple watch. It basically wins solely out of ease of use: it connects with everything and it goes with all of my other technology.

And now that the surfing season is over - sadness galore - I am switching back to 10k runs 5 days a week for an average of 50k a week. The next marathon is just around the corner and I need to best my May 2015 marathon time.

And the Apple watch will be my date this time around.

If you're in the market for a health-monitoring device, any of the above-listed options are great. My advice: pick something you will use over time.

 Happy Running!

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Anonymous said...

Did you know you could pair the Moto 360 watch with the iPhone now?