Monday, May 11, 2015

Having the Right Gear Matters: Carve Design and Level Six Definitely Pass Muster

Surfing is not an easy sport. It's a commitment. It's part of what makes it so appealing to me. You truly need to not only make time for it, you need to work on yourself and make sure you're strong enough and fit to do it. You need to make time to commit to it, and you need to have the right gear and layers to wear when on the board.

I get a lot of my surfing and paddle boarding clothing from Level Six. You can see their catalog here.
I also get a good amount of my surfing and paddle boarding clothing from Carve Design. I especially enjoy their current lineup. You can view their catalog here.

The thing is when exploring the fierce and wild ocean, you need to make sure you're sporting the right layers so that you can focus on the sport. While I don't mind falling and tasting the salty waters of the Pacific, I really want to make sure I only have time to make decisions about my time on the board itself, and staying on it as much and as long as possible. Hence, sporting the right layers is key.

I could not be a bigger fan of the brands I listed above. They make me feel protected when on the water and I have the luxury to only focus on what I'm in the water for: surfing.

And of course when this happens you don't sweat it. You're covered. The Level Six top I have on here and the Carve Design short, along with the surfing shoes, give me the peace of mind to keep getting back on the board and, sure why not, keep falling.

And after a good workout and fun time out, it's only apropos to take a minute and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. After all, you need to know when to switch off even when you're having a grand time!


Anonymous said...

Ha! The falling pic...., priceless! How was it taken?? Amazing synchronicity!


Anonymous said...

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Love the second pic! Very Bri! Adventurous and relentless..... all in one! ;)