Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eyewear Matters

At a few points in time I have been known to sacrifice look and style to comfort. For instance, consider the sunglasses I have on here. We were in Los Angeles and if there's a place on Earth where eyewear is a must, it would have to be La-La land. The sun there is truly strong. Plus, I'm the kind that wears sunglasses all year-round, morning to night, whether it's raining or Los Angeles-sunny. These glasses are Versace and they seem to stand for much of what I do not. I generally tend to 'rock' RayBan aviators as they're more aligned with the school of minimalism to which I tend to subscribe with ever-increasing regularity.

The lenses on these Versace, however, are out-of-this-world fantastic. They especially come in handy when driving or doing outside activity. So, while I would tend to harbor some judgment when seeing other people wearing the same style, I still maintain that these shades are among the best quality lenses I have ever had. Aesthetics is important to me but in this instance I suppose I'm deviating. And that's fine. Every rule has an exception. Or a few.

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Anonymous said...

I also have a pair of odd-looking shades that have the best lenses.

JJ said...

They don't look like Bri-type frames to me. :)