Monday, June 14, 2010

Seeing an Episode of Real Time Live in Los Angeles

A few weeks ago, we were sitting in the Real Time with Bill Maher studio out in Los Angeles and saw the show live. Being in the studio added something special to my liking of the show. The studio looks exactly as it looks on TV and being there felt surreal as I try to catch the show on HBO as often as I can.

Many people have asked me how we managed to get tickets so I am taking this chance to narrate the experience. My quick answer to the question is: I called, left a message, they called back and gave us tickets. The longer version is like the following. My good friend and I had already planned a trip out to Los Angeles and among the many things we wanted to accomplish was to see if we could get tickets to Real Time as we're both loyal fans. The thing is, it's difficult to get through the phone lines at the end of the show Friday nights at 11:00pm (ET).

But the show advertised briefly on Facebook that that they had a few tickets available and that people could call and see if it they could get some. Once I was informed of the availability, I called and left a message. That same evening I got a call from Real Time and they informed me that they had tickets for us. I called back and left a message. They returned my call an hour later, got my info and, voila, thus did the tickets come to be.

We got to the CBS studios on Fairfax around 5:30 PT and 90 minutes later, out comes Bill Maher for the monologue and the rest of the show. The one-hour long show felt like a 5-minute bit. To this day, I've never experience anything that moved as quickly as I'd ideally like things to move. In short, if you manage to get tickets to this particular show, do so. It is so worth it.

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JJ said...

Maher rules! How cool that you saw the show live!!