Monday, June 21, 2010

Film List from '04

I was surprised the other day when Benjamin, after a four-hour conversation, told me the following, "So, remember that list of indie films you shared with me a while back, like, back in 2004? Well, I just got done with it." Now, I know he's thorough as thoroughness is one of his qualities I appreciate most. This, however, was impressively thorough as well as an exercise in tenacity.

I was surprised that he still remembered something we had discussed plenty of times back when I was in grad school and he in Law School. I guess all the years of reading left little time for indie film-viewing. Then, while talking, he said he'd forwarded the same email I had sent to him years ago. "Wait, you have emails from years ago? You, email hoarder, I say." "No," he says, "but I do keep all recommendations."

It was sort of odd to read an email I'd written years ago. I seemed to have employed little 'economy of speech' then. Folly of youth.

I thought I'd post the same list here in case you'd like to consult it. I am glad to see I had some cinematic sense back then.

1) Alejando Amembar's "Abre los Ojos."
2) Nanni Moretti's "La stanza del figlio" Written and directed by
Nanni Moretti.
3) Tom Tykwer's "Lola rennt."
4) "Laurel Canyon" with Frances McDormand
5) Curtis Hanson's "Wonder Boys." With Frances McDormand
6) Darren Aronofsky's "Pi."
7) Pedro Almodovar's "Hable con ella"
8) "Belle Epoque"
9) "Almost Famous"
10) 1998's "Great Expectations"
12) Jean Pierre Jeunte's "Amelie"
13) "Italian for Beginners"
14) 1992's "Michelangelo"

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1 comment:

Dana said...

Ha, thorough, indeed, but it makes sense somehow. :)
Belle Epoque is a beautiful film. I think I'll revisit it.