Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Videocast: A Review of The Real Housewives of New York City

In this new episode I discuss the show The Real Housewives of New York City and how it has managed to be a success with different age groups. The main point I pursue is that at the core of the show's success lies the concept of marketability of sociality. By marketing their daily life experiencing, while sporting their own aspiring brands, the women manage to enter the world of quotidianity most naturally.

Big tip of the hat to Paul, as always, for his editing.

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Dana said...

I've also always thought that these shows were kind of silly but there is an element of interest and entertainment in them, no doubt. Frankel is very funny and could do equally well on a sitcom of her own. The NYC is definitely more of a better show than most although New Jersey is getting great ratings.

Anonymous said...

Frankel is definitely the break-out star of that show. It's odd to see how blatantly they self-promote but therein lies the entertaining value, I guess.

Will said...

I dig the presentation, btw. Product placement done well is what I say about these shows.

Unknown said...

It's quite interesting how much TV has shifted. Reality TV rules these days and much of it is sub par. Some Housewives episodes, however are not too bad. I like the irony of having a 'countess' and people like Simon and Alex in the same series. The countess seems to be in discomfort when she is forced to share a scene with them. Much like in real life. Some people are bearable and others are just too annoying. Frankel does have a good sense of humor.

Sean said...

"Marrying heavier and insipid ways of existing..." Hmm, interesting notion.
Kudos on the graphics in this piece, btw.

Scott said...

I find it interesting how these reality folks transition into actually scripted TV with time. I can't help but wonder if these people are the kind who wanted to break into the business earlier but somehow couldn't before. Reality TV provides a could platform for them to break out.
The production on the videocasts is getting better and better, BR!