Friday, April 2, 2010

New Videocast: "Bored to Death" - A Review

In this new episode of Gendering the Media, I analyze HBO's new show Bored to Death. Bored to Death is a real treat especially to those who are in the business of literature and literature translated on the screen. In this analysis I mostly focus on the professional and personal relationship between the characters of George (Ted Danson) and Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman).

Note to self: Next time make sure to place the mic on the other side of the shirt. The episode will also be available on iTunes.

You may view the episode here.

Feedback welcome.

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Josh said...

I like the idea that Jonathan and George know how to relate to one another because of their fundamental understanding of human weakness. This is a good show. The shirt is cool but I suppose the mic wanted to be on center stage this time. :)
Thanks for the post.

Unknown said...

"We end up loving the character of George because he is fallible and full of weaknesses." Right, George's is effective because he is relateable. It's hard to like a know-it-all, uber-organized character who doesn't show any vulnerability. Not George is content when he shows his weaknesses.
This is a good, good show.

Unknown said...

Also the references you point out that tend to 'mute' and 'drown' Jonathan's literary productivity made me think. It is rather ironic that what first seems to be a paralysis ends up being yet another source of creativity. I mean he goes from a published author to a self-constructed P.I..

And I liked the opening sequence of this podcast. Very 'now.' :)

Will said...

I've heard good things about this from a lot of other people and I really need to watch it. These podcasts help though. The iTunes version of cliff notes. Thanks.

Shaun said...

I wish more smart shows like this were more readily available on mainstream TV. People could learn a thing or two that way.
And I like the hair, btw.