Monday, April 5, 2010

The iPad

Unless you've been living under a rock during the past couple of months, you've undoubtedly heard and read much about the iPad. One thing is certain about Steve Jobs and that is, he understands PR very, very well. Think back on the decade we just left behind and how the iPod faired. Not that badly, indeed. However, when the iPod first came out many techies were skeptical and not everyone jumped at the idea. Now, 5-6 iPods later, many of the same people are most likely among the first to try out the first-generation iPad.

The iPad is, simply put, the way of the future when it comes to information access and organization. I do believe that it will change much of how we read, watch TV, surf and so forth. It is rather hard to schlep a library of any kind and what easier way, at least at this point in our collective development, to do so than by placing the thin gadget in the purse/messenger bag?

If you're a fellow neophile then, much like me, you will be tempted to such a degree than you'll finally give in and get your own iPad. Think back on the days when you resisted to get the elusive iPod because you thought you already had a CD player (really, a CD player?!) and you couldn't justify such a splurge. But then a family member got you the first awesome 20GB iPod which then changed your life and how you viewed music and your music library. Subsequently, you simply had to upgrade and get a 60GB and after that the ipod Touch and right now you're most likely thumbing through your iPhone thinking how you'll justify getting the iPad.

Sure there are issues with with the iPad. It is, after all, not an infallible thing. However, this is not that kind of post. Let's face it, if you love technology, if you need to have access to a lot of information on a daily basis, and if you are used to being new info-oriented, then you will most likely convert to the ways of the iPad. And it delivers on aesthetics, too not that that's ever been Apple's problem.

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Dana said...

The iPad does look very, very cool. I'm sure I'll give in too and get one.
So, am I to assume you own one?
How is it to watch video on it?

JJ said...

This piece made me think of your radio piece on the iPod. The iPad looks like a really slick MacPro, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh... a new chosen box of possibilities! As you mentioned in your ipod piece "it's like meeting someone new and sensing the pool of possibilities they exude." Just hope it does come out with different protective skins. And of course, as white signifies a new beginning, a white cover is a must!

Shaun said...

I so want one but will have to wait till late summer, I guess.

Will said...

Did you read Laura Miller's review of the iPad?