Friday, March 26, 2010

San Antonio

This week I was in San Antonio presenting at the College English Association annual conference. This time around I presented on my recently developed analysis of the 2009 film (500) Days of Summer. The title of the recent version of the presentation/article is (500) Days of Summer: A Story of Minimalism and Curbed Punk. You may see the full program of the conference here.

In addition to meeting some very interesting presenters, going to sessions full of new research, and participating in my own session, I got to do what I try to do every time I travel: check out the places the locals recommend best. This is where I praise the iPhone again. While I now seem to be more of a reticent fan of this life-facilitating gadget, it's only apropos that I tip the hat to it every now and again. Traveling is much more enjoyable and much less stressful when one relies on it. Without a doubt. The many apps allow one to make the most of the experience and it is nigh impossible to get lost when relying on it.

Naturally, I made it a point to check out the Alamo and the River Walk. If you're ever visiting in Texas, do check out San Antonio. The people are friendly, the weather is spectacular, the food lives up to the reputation, and the River Walk begs for attention.

The following pictures were taken on the Alamo grounds and the River Walk. All photos @ BR

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Sra said...

Is that popcorn on top of your Tex-Mex? How odd.

Becca said...

Nice. Are you back yet to see the snow we got yesterday...?

Dana said...

Same question as Sra, that can't be popcorn, can it? T-shirt weather in San Antonio, snow over here. But it's melting so it's all good. River Walk looks gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Nice! Sun therapy is the best. Popcorn on the dish? What is it? Is the body of water in the pix a natural source of water or is it like a man-made thing?

JJ said...

I like the first picture. I assume is from the first day? I like the juxtaposition of the frame here, the Mozart bit on top and all else that's out-of-focus.
Popcorn on a Ceviche? I've got to try that.

Anonymous said...

Love, love cactus/cacti!!

B.R. said...

The dish was a seviche. Tex-Mex is not a favorite of mine but I have to say I had a good culinary experience this time. Yes, the seviche had some popcorn adorning it on top. I found the choice most bizarre but it worked visually with the whole thing.
No, I didn't eat the popcorn as it was too acontextual a choice. Or maybe because I don't like popcorn.
Yes, back now. Found snow outside our house the next day. But it's sunny again and flip-flop season might just be around the corner.