Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nature Exploring and New Spring

Happy Spring Season!
We did some nature-exploring this weekend. First, since the weather was most docile, I decided to spend a part of the weekend biking, about 15 miles or so, on the Olentangy trail. A note about the trail. There is some construction on some of the trail and it is perhaps best to go North rather than South. Detours aside, the trail looked especially nice and, for the most part, quiet. The next day went to some farm- and nature-exploring and the weather was most congruent with the nature of the activity.

Personally, I cannot think of anything better to use to recharge the batteries and get new visual input than nature. Being in the company of fresh air, high trees, the right company, and a good trail is something that language cannot really justly capture. There's something to be said about being around the elements of nature and taking a cue from them. And since the temperature in this neck of the woods was in the mid- to upper 60's, it made perferct sense to spend the whole time outside.

Here are a few pictures taken from the Slate Park Historical Farm and Chestnut Ridge Metro Park. The highlight of the day had to be being around the big horses, the newly born twin lambs, and the breathtaking trees of Chestnut Ridge. The tip of the hat this time around goes to nature and, of course, the most indulging Spring weather.

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Dan said...

The winter was tough so any trace of Spring is great!!
I was thinking of doing something fun outside this weekend too but didn't get to. Next time. There's a lot of cool things around and I need to do more exploring as well.
Nice pics.

JJ said...

I dig the "Yeah, I'm looking at the horses in nature" look! As much as we like the city, we also dig nature, eh?
Was the farm owned by locals or is it maintained by the state? I really need to be more in nature, too! The look on the face over the fence is priceless, though! :)

Unknown said...

No better way to welcome Spring than by being in nature.

Liam said...

sometimes i forget that nature is right here in my backyard. thanks for the reminder.

Becca said...

Nice! Spring-y. I like the jacket. Is that the Members Only?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous nature. As a certain someone says, 'there's a sense of possibility in the air' when Spring's a-coming.
I need to spend more time outdoors, too. Nothing like nature, really....

Anonymous said...

I do love that Olentangy trail. It's great for runners and bikers...wish I could be profiting from such wonderful weather. Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods we currently had a snowstorm, but i am really hoping for good weather somtime soon so I can go enjoy the outdoors!- always serves, as you say, as a battery recharge. :-)