Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Royal Tenenbaums: Royally Superb!

Recently, over an exquisite dinner, I had a conversation with an artist friend of mine who also likes the exact same bits in the Wes Anderson stupendous film "The Royal Tenenbaums" that I do. I revisited the film again recently and I stand by my initial reaction to it. It is simply a gorgeous piece of art. And this is one of my all-time favorite cinematic moments. A great editing moment, too.

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JJ said...

I LOVED Royal. Even more than Rushmore and I also LOVED Rushmore when it came out. Wes Anderson is kind of like Jonathan Franzen. He knows how to translate 'angst' on the screen. And who hasn't experienced 'angst', right? Relatability is the key to his success with the thinking masses.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful film this is! I'll make sure to revisit it, too.

Dana said...

And Niko is the right artist to play during this piece. Great film. Poetry in action.

Will said...

I love this, too!! See Mr. Fox yet?