Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yams, Thanksgiving, and Good Sociality

I don't really eat sweet potatoes. I rarely consume the normal ones, actually. I tend to go for steamed food, for the most part, so potatoes don't always make the cut.
But this Thanksgiving holiday I learned something surprising about myself. I approve of yams and sweet potatoes. Funny that! I especially like them when they're cooked just so. Which is what my friends are experts in. After the first helping, I turned to my party and said, 'I'm definitely having seconds. Maybe even thirds.' 'Thirds?' 'Heck, yeah. These are out of this world!' And that's what I did. I had seconds and then thirds.
I don't know what the combination of herbs consisted of or how they managed to be so silky smooth. What I know is I experienced my full conversion to my newly found friend, the sweet potato.

Good thing I suggested road biking as a mode of transport to the party as I anticipated some heavy work-out would be necessary afterwards.The ride entailed passing through one of my favorite trails as well as some uphill areas in the city of Upper Arlington. Ventura and I hit 25 mph at some point of the trail at which point I could revisit the taste of the beautifully cooked sweet potatoes. I don't know how the friends cooked the sweet potatoes. What I know is that it was in a way that made me miss them after I was done consuming them. And generally I'm not a foodie and I don't miss food.

So, the tip of the hat this Thanksgiving goes to culinary expertise that is just so, good friends to watch Charlie Chaplin's Gold Rush wish, and, of course, riding the trail almost free of traffic and distractions.

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Dana said...

I don't dare prepare sweet potatoes myself as I always manage to mess them up. When done right, they're exquisite!
I liked this post, BR!

Sra said...

Mmmm sweet potato. One of my favorite things, especially with butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Anonymous said...

The sweet potato doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. On top of tasting beautifully, it's also very nutritional.

JJ said...

A most underrated food. Potato's underappreciated twin.