Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unhappiest Day of the Week?

Tyler Cowan over at MR posts today that Sunday is apparently the unhappiest day of the week. I personally find the day to be most helpful as the rest of the week, for me at least, is uber-busy, full of deadlines and a demanding schedule. Sunday seems to be the day that provides much needed balance, time to communicate/spend with family and dear ones, as well as time to reflect and ponder. I suppose the study TC is quoting is premised on commercial purchases and spending. Be that as it may, it's good food for thought.

A paragraph says:
"It is Sunday, at least according to one study conducted in Germany, by Swedes. Could it be because there is much less to buy? Because the cities empty out? Because walking in nature is overrated? Because you are supposed to go to church or are supposed to spend more time with family? Indeed the effect is stronger for married people. For former East Germans there is not a significant Sunday effect."

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Sra said...

I think it's the unhappiest day because everyone has to go to school/work the next day, and the freedom of the weekend is over. Reminds me of a cartoon...

Anonymous said...

Same here. Sunday is the unhappiest day because it marks the end of time away from work. Even though some love their more than others, being away from it a day or two a week brings happiness to most.