Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Assorted Links

1) Andrew Ross Sorkin is one of my favorite business journalists and his latest book Too Big to Fail was most impressive as well. Here's a gripping article on the 32-year-old writer.

The rise of Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times.

2) Here's a UK list of the best films of the decade. The number one spot went to Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke and his 2005 film Hidden (Cache). The number two spot went to The Bourne Supremacy/The Bourne Ultimatum both directed by Paul Greengrass. I was surprised to see Wes Andersen's The Royal Tenenbaums at number 88. More here.

3) Is older music crowing new music? A paragraph says: "Creative recession? This relative lack of need for current, innovative culture can cause, has caused, is causing - maybe - the innovative culture to slow down, much as an assembly line in Detroit slows down and lay-offs have to be made when the demand for a new model recedes."

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Sra said...

Some of those movies I agree are excellent, many of them are so-so, and The Squid and the Whale? Really? That movie was such a waste of time.

JJ said...

The Ross book is long but it reads fast. It makes me a bit anxious though, I'll have to say.