Friday, August 14, 2009

Gadget Mania

This morning as I was running my errands I found myself getting restless by the minute. I wondered why that was as the anxiety was of a distinctly different nature. It was nuanced by a kind of emergency I had yet to experience. I did a run-down of my routine and all seemed in order. All minus one thing, that is.

I had forgotten to bring my iPhone along.

If I'm walking or waiting in line somewhere I use the opportunity to read the news, email, or text and satisfy an array of multi-tasking inclinations. Gadgets like the iPhone succeed in claiming your attention because they are just that well deserving of your attention. They, more often than not, produce the right info. Not only that, they're quick and they don't waste time by producing a litany of 'uhms,' 'you knows,' and 'likes.' How many humans can we say this about, folks?

I was away from it for about ninety minutes today and I don't think I've ever hurried that much to get home. Under other circumstances, I would have checked into the nearest Betty Form clinic for the clinically addicted to iPhones and other such über-cool gadgets. Instead, I realized that I, like millions of others, have long fallen into the unavoidable lap of trickery of the iPhone. For, once a user, always a user.

And yet somehow I didn't try to rectify the problem and get all 'zen.' I suppose I know who I'm dealing with so I gladly give in. Because, after all, I do know that just when I start to think I'm out, it, the gadget, will find a way to pull me right back in.

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Sean said...

Oy, godfather!
You cracked me up with this one!!
"Because, after all, I do know that just when I start to think I'm out, it, the gadget, will find a way to pull me right back in. "
Dug it!!

Sra said...

So you're first in line for the biopod that they'll insert directly into our brains, right?

Anonymous said...

ha, typical bri.
Don't everybody move! Can't find my iPhone. Get to looking!! :)

Anonymous said...

"....will find a way to pull me right back in."
Apropos analogy, I found. :)

Dana said...

I think I've seen you once or twice without the iPhone. I kept thinking it was me you were ignoring. This makes me feel good. ;)

B.R. said...

-Yes, the biopod would be a good choice.
-I try not to ignore but the iPhone, I have long noticed, does trump much and many. Allowing a neophile to have access to so much info is bound to do that. :)

Sean, II said...

I get the same way when I'm away from the comfort of my laptop. Our gadgets are, alas, who we are. At least, you and I.