Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Economics of Being a 'Hef' Girlfriend

Yowsah, yowsah!

"Being a Hefner Girlfriend was a specialised job, not to be confused with being a Playboy Playmate. In fact, Girlfriends were not allowed to become Playmates because Hef had found that they tended to flee the Mansion as soon as they collected their $25,000 Playmate cheque. Girlfriends were given their own bedroom, an allowance of $1,000 a week in cash, a new car, free dental and medical treatment, almost limitless clothes, hairdos, make-up and facials and all the cosmetic surgery they could wish for – Izabella reckons Hef shelled out $70,000 a year on breast implants. "

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Anonymous said...

how i heart gloria steinem.
hef's a joke!

Anonymous said...

Saw a poster of Holly Madison's somewhere out West. I've always been peeved by the whole fake blonde, Hef gf thing. I mean, it's gross. Dude's what's 100?!?!

Sra said...

Both Hef and his "girlfriends" gross me out.

Sean said...

Gross+gross begets gross.
Another sign of what's wrong with the times. Ewe! What a horror for women's movement!!