Sunday, July 26, 2009

Picks of the Day

A list of misc. links read today.

1) When should you stop reading a book?

2) A story of a man who's been living without money since 2000.

3) Two different reviews of the new Sam Mendes film Away We Go. One here. Another one here.

4) Tall people are apparently happier according to this new study.

5) A portrait of a favorite actor, Hugh Dancy.

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Dana said...

See, tall people even get new research to focus on them. Figures.....

Josh said...

I liked Dancy in King Arthur. He's in a new indie film, right? I forget the title but he plays a NYC misfit. Seen it yet?

Sra said...

So you're saying I can stop reading The Time Traveler's Wife now? That book makes me want to vomit every time I crack it open.

Sean said...

Was just going to ask about Away We Go. Read the review.
Claw out, eh?
Ebert's gotten softer with time, hasn't he?
I don't think much of him since he trashed Larry's Sour Grapes. :) Yup, I'm that loyal!

Liam said...

the caveman piece was quite fascinating.

Unknown said...

As a tall person, I take issue with the study. They certainly didn't survey me!