Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Fill-In-the Blanks. Et Tu?

This morning I was looking at Carrie Bronstein's blog over at Monitor Mix where I noticed an interesting fill-in-the-blanks music-informed exercise.

Here's HetPer's own version:

1) I've had to defend my love of _____________________ over the years.

2. As far as I'm concerned, ______________________ nearly ruined music.

3. One of my favorite live performers ever? That's easy: _______________________.

4. If I could go back in time and dance like crazy, crowd surf or join a mosh pit, I would do that at a ___________________ show.

5. If I could choose to name a concert that truly changed my life, it would have to be _______________________.

6. The one clothing item that's musically informed and I value above the rest would have to be ___________________.

7. If there is one musician I would choose to see live even though such a choice would mean that I would be skipping out on my loved one's birthday, it would have to be ___________________.

My answers:
1) The Killers
2) Bono. And it doesn't mean that I don't listen to U2.
3) Keane
4) 30 Seconds to Mars. Blame it on Leto. Featured in the picture with C. Farrell
5) Muse. It was a life-changing experience.
6) Easy! My vintage Bob Dylan t-shirt.
7) Kelly Jones. It's true. I'm sorry. I am flawed.


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JJ said...

I LOVE this pic. Where did you find it?
How Alexander a-la-modernity!

My answers:
1) GnR
2) MTV
4)Pink. DON"T ASK!!! :)
5) MUSE! :)
6)The same Bob Dylan shirt. :)
7) Ouch, very ouch!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Number seven cracked me up!
I need time for my answers. Brb.

Anonymous said...

Here we go:
1) Madonna
2) Madonna, right?
3) Zeps
4) She Wants Revenge... Odd, right?
5) Morrissey!!! Moz all the way!!!
6) Moz concert shirt
7) See #6

Ah yes, I concur with JJ about #7, Bri.
Ouch, baby, very ouch!! :) But therein lies the charm, I suppose....

Anonymous said...

I've been in a 30 Seconds to Mars frame of mind, btw.

Sra said...

Fun, mad libs!

1) Elton John, but only to explain that it's pre-90's-wuss-out Elton John that I love, and not Can You Feel The Love Tonight Elton John.
2) 90's boy bands
3) 4-way tie: Joshua James, Imogen Heap, Tally Hall, Martha Wainwright
4) The Juliana Theory. I still love them after their disbanding, and wish I could see them one last time.
5) Dee Daniels -- a jazz singer with a 4-octave range. My jaw literally dropped when I heard her live.
6) Anberlin T-shirt
7) Mew

Josh said...

1. The Beatles
2. Hair bands
3. Karen O
4. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's show. See #3.
5. Franz Ferdinand's Tonight with FF tour.
6. The tour T's of the YYY's.
7. She reads your blog so of course I'm saying none. :)

Will said...

-Lifehouse. I still think their first album was ridiculously good.
-Boy bands
-K's Choice
-Cher. I won't ask/tell, if you won't. ;)
-K's Choice. The show gave me the courage to face my folks
-I have yet to love a person more than music, so heck yeah!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I'm flawed.
So plagiarizing it. So need it. :)

Candace said...

Britney, and co
Jenny Lewis
Wagner's Flying Dutchman. It's an opera, but it's my most significant event
Stones' 'tongue' shirt
If it's a Metro opera, for sure.

B.R. said...

-Ah, yes. The Farell/Leto picture grabbed my attention. They played 'gender' quite well together. And contrary to much popular opinion, I thought Alexander was not atrocious.
-30 Seconds to Mars is a favorite, as well. Saw them in concert. Loved it. Leto's aesthetics is out of this world.
-Number 7. Yes. It's true, too. At times, social honesty is more of a liability than anything, really.
-Martha Wainwright? Really? This needs a closer look of my part. Thanks.
-It doesn't hurt to be diplomatic, Joshie.
-Lifehouse's first album was/is good. I sang to a track of theirs at this grocery store it was being played at. I knew the words. I've seen them in concert. The year must have been 2000 or 2001. Folly of youth.
-Flying Dutchman is a life-changer. I'd concur. I guess if any of the composers would be going 'rogue' that would be Wagner, right?

Dana said...

Seriously, what is with you and The Killers? I mean, you can't possibly think they're musicians, can you?

Dana said...

My list
1) Billy Joel
2) Country
3) The Stones, for sure
4) Kelly Clarkson. It was his birthday, what can I say? I went.
5) Oasis
6) Oasis hat
7) Def. Oasis. We're clear on our loyalties around here.

Liam said...

1) neil diamond
2) the senate committee on napster
3) probably have to say man or astroman?
4) metallica show circa 1986
5) seeing múm enhanced my musical experience
6) my homemade and signed fugazi shirt
7) elliott smith, but i would insist on my significant other accompanying me

Sra said...

One thing about Martha Wainwright: she was amazing live, but I don't so much dig most of her album. A few tracks, yes. But it's overproduced. She's very raw live, and I like that.

Also love the Lifehouse album.

B.R. said...

Dana, yes, they are musicians. I'm not a lone reed out there who thinks that their first album, Hot Fuss, helped recreate/reconceptualize our understanding/enjoyment of synth pop/rock.
It's, if nothing else, an homage to underappreciated 80's rock/synth/pop.
I firmly believe that Glamorous Indie Rock 'n Roll is the only modern track out there that attempts to explain what it means to a modern person to be in love with indie rock.
Yes, they are musicians. It takes more than instrument-playing skill to be one. I should know this.
It takes an artistic spirit with an eye for poetry and cultural studies, too. I happen to think Brandon Flowers epitomizes all these things.
Plus, their music means much to me. Personally.
-And wait, Kelly Clarkson. Definitely a case of de gustibus non est disputandum. ja? :)
-Elliot Smith's Needle in the Hay melts me every time....
-Raw, that's the word. The performances I appreciate the most are not necessarily those from the acts I already like. I go for raw. I dig raw. Will definitely explore her.

JJ said...

You tell him, Bri! I know better than to diss The Killers. Not to your face at least. :)

brokennarcissist said...

1. Pogues
2. Rush (put down Ayn Rand already)
3. Mindless Self Indulgence (could also be answers 1, 5 & 7)
4. Propaghandi
5. Brian Jonestown Massacre
6. My homemade Distillers tucker hat
7. Los Campesinos! (my current crush)