Sunday, July 5, 2009

Entourage, Season 5

On one of my international flights, the flight attendant looked like she was uttering something to me. Alas, my earphones were already streaming audio from my MacBook to my ears and, as far as I was concerned, no other audio mattered. I was after all watching the "Gotta Look Up to Get Down" episode from Entourage, Season 5. And, I and mine will attest, since the Sunday HBO played this months ago, I knew I was going to get hooked. This 27-minute episode is packed with literary and cultural references to aesthetics, gender, work and family dynamics, the form/content clash and so forth. In sum, it's a gem.

I remove the earphones to find out what the content of her comment was all about.
"Nice! You're watching Entourage." said the friendly flight attendant to which I said, "Yeah! It rocks."

But, you see, it's not just this episode that is ripe with rich motifs. The entire Season Five is a gem. The way Stellan Skarsgård portrays a kooky German director, or how Jason Isaacs so convincingly portrays a not-so-straight performing straight-acting fashion businessman. And on and on.

I have already blogged about the ending of the "Gotta Look Up to Get Down" episode which features one of the most tender scenes I have analyzed this year. A sensitive Ari Gold puts his emotions on display for his favorite client, Vinnie Chase, to witness.

Portraying Ari's vulnerability is what's proving to be Jeremy Piven's opportunity to show the world his acting chops and that he's so much more than John Cusack's side kick or a potential George Costanza. Ari Gold is the making of Entourage. He has a kind of range that is really almost overwhelming me every time I watch this show.

What has made a lot of my recent trips more enjoyable has been the following:

The newly released Season Five of Entourage
Steve Martin's Shopgirl, the last 6 minutes of the film
Three minutes out of Zach Braff's Garden State, the "You're in it right now, aren't you?" scene.

I'll explain.

Being a close reader by training, I have a trained (and natural) tendency to zoom in on certain snippets of texts. Close reading, I am told at home and out, is not just how I make my bread and butter, it's an extension of my nature. Ergo, focusing on certain segments in certain filmic pieces is as natural to me as griping about my Venti Macchiato coming my way lid-less and sleeve-less. Incidentally, getting easily vexed by such oh-so-menial faux annoyances like a lid-less and sleeve-less Starbucks drink is yet another side effect of close reading.

Whether you share my close reading tendencies or not, you should consider getting the newly released Season Five of Entourage.

I give it thumbs and toes up. Season Six of Entourage will start July 12th on HBO.

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Silke said...

"How many people does it take to handle one talentless actor?"

And then Rammstein playing Du Hasst....


dave said...

Ari Gold's language is on a whole different level!
Dug this.

Sra said...

Toes up, huh? That must be pretty good.

B.R. said...

-Silke, Werner fand ich auch echt super in dieser Rolle....
-Sra, HA!! Toes up, indeed.
It's the phrase I'm proudest of. And, yes, it is that good.

Unknown said...

Ari Gold is the main reason to watch this show even though Johnny Drama is also a great plus. Well, Turtle isn't that shabby either.
In sum, it's a well-written show. Season 6 can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

"What did he say?"
Ari: "Nothing worth interpreting."

Dawn said...

Johnny Drama is quickly becoming a favorite.
I love it when he cries on the View. He's a lovable nutcase.

Becca said...

Ari Gold takes the A in political incorrectness but J. Ellin has a way of writing him that makes it all ok, somehow.
I agree. The Gotta Go Down to Get Up episode is simply superb. Beautifully paced and very sexy.

Liam said...

i'm trying to catch up on the last three seasons asap!