Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Cycling

We biked about 20-25 miles today on a few trails in Central Ohio. While much of Ohio is quite flat, it does have some very good trails.

My tip of the hat today goes to the beauty of well-kept trails and solid engineering of bicycles made with care. Thanks, Cannondale.

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Sra said...

20-25 is a good long ride. I did only about, mmm, 32 blocks yesterday. Half of those uphill. But yay for bicycles and bicycle weather!

Tina said...

Thanks for posting this. I can't take a picture of you when you're actually on the bike as you're gone before I can take the pic.
Is this Antrim Lake?
Haw far did you guys ride to?
The Cannondale's looking good.

Mike said...

Looking goo, Cannondale, lake, and all.
Is the 20 mile anything to write home about, though?
How has endurance changed from the other physical activity, lifting and such?
What happened to your gray Specialized?

dana said...

Upper body a product of mostly biking or lifting, too?
That looks like a nice area to be biking. How long are the trails out there?

B.R. said...

-32 blocks is a good distance, esp, if half of the distance is uphill. SLC is great for bikers. I always say so to my people here in flat Central Ohio.
-It is Antrim Lake. We usually go up by the Delaware exit up North, you know, past Worthington.
-Right. 20 miles is not that great a distance especially for people who use the bike on a daily basis. It is, however, a nice bundle of miles for the weekend. Endurance-wise, yes. I find lifting most helpful especially since I tend to ride my Cannondale standing and, as a result, I rely much on my upper body.
The Gray Specialized was stolen right outside my office last year. It was a sad loss. But the Cannondale has been good.
-The trails, whether you're going South or North, offer very nice vistas, greenery, and well-maintained paths. If you'd rather do a heavy-duty ride, however, I'll recommend Alum Creek. We did that a few months ago and I believe I blogged it.

N. said...

have you gone south on the trail yet?

Unknown said...

How does it compare in difficulty to the trails out West?
I dig the shades you're rocking here. I can't seem to find good aviator-style frames anywhere.