Friday, May 1, 2009

A Note on Comments

Dear HetPer Readers:

Thanks to an example set by Sra over at Bunsnip as well as the comments received from you all, I will make it a point to attend to your comments at the end of each post. My current modus operandi is such that I attend to questions and comments I receive when I develop and write new posts instead of participating directly in the comment niche. I have already tried to attend to some earlier questions/comments as well.

Since time is an issue, at times, I will try to expand on certain questions in bigger posts if my answers are not as comprehensive and detailed as I would like them to be.

Thank you all for your feedback and insightful words.


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John said...

Yeah, and yeah.
I liked the question-based posts, too.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you addressed the ?s in the new posts. I figured you also didn't want to 'micromanage.' :)

Unknown said...

I like a writer who attends to both posts and comments. It feels plebian-informed. :)
Jokes aside, cool.