Friday, April 10, 2009

Mysteries of Pittsburgh: The Movie

Well, folks, one of my all-time favorite novels is adapted for the big screen. Mysteries of Pittsburgh, the movie, is coming out soon.
Few authors 'get' gender the way my favorite American novelist, Michael Chabon, does.
If you have not read the novel yet, do so.

I do have to note that I have some measure of hesitation with regards to the film as the character of 'Arthur' seems to have been left out. And in my view, Arthur was the making of the novel. But, it's a Chabon-based story and it's definitely worth a look. Let's hope the filmic adaptation of the novel oozes some needed Chabon-ness so that it can succeed.

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Dave said...

Oh, I cannot wait to see this. I hope that Chabon's vision is kept throughout.
Ah, and Peter and Sienna are in this one....
So, double score!

Shaun said...

Do you know who the actor is that plays Art?

Frank Anthony Polito said...

I would seriously reconsider taking this one in if you have ANY love for the Michael Chabon novel. It is NOTHING like the book! Over 85% of the original story has been changed in the name of "dramatic license."

Gay Arthur is gone, Phlox is Art's ex-girlfriend (there are NO scenes set in the Hillman Library), and Jane has become the star of the show. Cleveland is also bisexual, which we all know is a total joke. He is the ONLY 100% straight guy in the entire story!

If you'd like to judge for yourself, I'm happy to send you a copy of the screenplay. Email me:bechstein[at]yahoo[dot]com

Dana said...

I really look forward to this as I also like Chabon's work. I did hear that it as made two years ago and that the critics panned it at Sundance.
Will see it, though.
Btw, have you read Chabon's latest?
Will you be reviewing it?

Sra said...

Huh. Having finally finished the book a month or so ago, I think it's weird that they've left out Arthur and made Cleveland bi and played up Jane while playing down Phlox (which I am actually thankful for, since Phlox annoyed me and I had a hard time seeing what Art saw in her), but I can sort of understand why they would want to do that for the sake of the film format. Maybe as a movie this formula will work better, since the many relationships in the book are a tad more complex than movies can tend to handle. I look forward to seeing it.

Billy said...

I look forward to this only b/c you guys are such fans.