Friday, March 27, 2009

New Podcast: the Body as Text

I rarely give a 'tip of the hat' to the good half here, so, tip of the hat, good half.

This new episode is a narrative that focuses on a reading of the body as text.

On the last, short trip some attention was given to this piece as it sort of popped up on the playlist, and I find it to be a good addition to the Gendering the Media with Brikena Ribaj series on iTunes. This episode is available on both iTunes and here.

I'm fascinated by how colloquial English refers to body-based and sexuality-informed discourse and this piece, which I originally conceived a year and a half ago, is a 'tip of the hat' to body-based language.

Listen to the piece here.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, let me just say that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this!!
So creative!!!

Unknown said... an effort to verticalize things which have been traditionally horizontalized....

I get that. I just never phrased it like this. I am amazed by the amount of literary detail as well as how easily this piece lends itself to being decoded.

And, yes, the muse needs to get a tip of the hat once in a while. But I like your policy of privacy. It's sweet.

Unknown said...

Ah, and the music choice. Nice. Especially Under Pressure!

Unknown said...

And another thing I didn't mention is the concept of fluidity. While a couple years back it was just a theoretical notion to me, it now has a clear face. I see it in daily life all the time. And these pieces help. :)
And I like that you included Alex Parks, too....

Shaun said...

We like a good bunch.
I'm also interested in the creative process here. How, specifically, did you create this?
It read a lot like Barthes' Pleasure of Text/Reading... Am I way off here?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I would ask the same question about the conception.
I liked the blouse analogy.
Tip of the hat to your tip of the hat. :)

tina said...

Score! All the way!

Edie said...

We're listening to it now again. Thanks, Kena!!
I hope to teach you something one day, too. ;)
Boogie boarding?

Deidre said...

English is not my native language but I do find it more in touch with the body. The metaphors of the body are poetry in themselves.

Silke said...

I absolutely loved this.
I was lost a couple of times but after hearing it a second time and with the help of my person, I figured it out.
I dug the velvet references.
thanks, BR!!

Brooke said...

In the elegant words of the plebes, 'hot damn!', Bri. I enjoyed this. Language loving the body, what could be wrong there?
If it's on iTunes now, could I get permission to use this in my curr.?
I'll email more.

Anonymous said...

Heteronormative-landia.... and curls of tweed?
Love it!!

B.R. said...

-You may make use of this as it is a part of my Public Humanities. All the pieces are copyrighted, naturally and contingent upon full bibliographical info.
-I wrote this a while back following a period of careful contemplation. Thanks to the creative input I receive from my regular pursuits and the wonderful people in my life, the pieces fell into place.

Dieter said...

Dug this!