Saturday, January 3, 2009

Young Progressive Intellectual Stars of 2008

Interesting list.
Choices like Rachel Maddow and Samantha Power seemed obvious to me. Valid too, of course. Rachel Maddow's cable news show on MSNBC is informative, intelligent, well-contextualized, and daring. She is definitely one of the true media stars of 2008. MSNBC made the right decision with her and, in the process, hit the jackpot too, as Maddow's ratings have skyrocketed in a matter of months.

Here's a bit from Rachel Maddow's show.

People like Samantha Power make me wish I moved faster and accomplished more. Power has managed to get tenured at Harvard by the age of 38. In addition to that, she's also a Pulitzer prize winner and a high profile political adviser. Here's a bit that features Power in action.

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Anonymous said...

Many say that Maddow is a tad overrated. I'm not one of those people. She's smart, funny, sharp, and most importantly highly educated. Shouldn't we be getting news commentary from educated folk? No brainer.

Anonymous said...

Maddow is definitely a clear winner. In a way, she's brought 'on-air smart and intelligent comments' back.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the cult of intellect is slightly better than the cult of ignorance. Good intellect is relatable intellect. I enjoy Maddow, too, but at times she engages in too many theatrics.

Anonymous said...

Educated and intellectual folk need to spend more time in the limelight so that they can also serve as motivating forces for society. We are only as good as the leading brains. I believe that!

Anonymous said...

When intellectual become more visible to the 'folk' great things happen. It's all about educating people, eh?
I do find Maddow much more watchable than most people/shows these days.

Anonymous said...

Rachel's shows are so much more substantive and well presented. Definitely a good find!