Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paging Mary, Paging Charlie

Best conversation of the week. In hindsight, this IS a truly great conversation.

Since none of you, well but one, was part of this conversation, how would you read it? How much of a context does one need to sort of decode this?

I: Ha. What a There's Something About Mary moment! Bizarre!!

Person: I know those vex you but it's better than having a High Fidelity moment, oder?

I: I suppose so. But I wish had more Lawrence of Arabia moments this week, if you catch my drift.

Person: So, how's the avocado on your veggie concoction? And, I caught the drift but I'm out of film references. Are we watching Benjamin Buttons or Milk? You'd go for Milk but it's Saturday and you might actually go for something less cerebral instead.

I: You're definitely having a High Fidelity moment right now. Totally Charlie. No, I don't want to watch Milk. Or Benjamin Buttons. I want to drink Pellegrino water with lemon and watch two episodes of Flight of the Conchords instead.

Person: It's not TV, it's HBO.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had a 'Iben Hjejle' moment, instead, but somehow I knew it wouldn't fly. :)
And 'Bowie' was, by far, the better choice. Penn's gotta wait!
I concur.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of the Seattle trip that one March when one of us had to give a presentation on the UW campus and one of us was kind of parking in the wrong spot on campus and the police car approached and one of us rolled the window down and said: "Officer, so, could we speak after my presentation because I'm about 2 minutes late?"
And that's so Curb Your Enthusiasm to me.
Is that the 'drift' here? :)

Anonymous said...

Right. I agree with this one!
You wouldn't choose Pitt over Conchords. Unless it were Fight Club circa a decade ago. :)
I don't get the 'Charlie' reference, however. Missed the boat, did I?

Anonymous said...

I SO get the 'There's Something About Mary' reference. But then again, I have a bit of an upper hand here. You are referring to the denouement, yes?
Another day, another over-Mary bonding moment.
And re: Charlie bit, is that a reference to Charlie's supposed omniscience?

Anonymous said...

"You'd go for Milk but it's Saturday and you might actually go for something less cerebral instead."
Hence, Tootsie!
I liked this. Authentic.

B.R. said...

-Right. Iben Hjejle. I know, I know.
-Ah, the Seattle trip. The UW campus. So Curb Your Enthusiasm. Point SO taken!
-No, the ship has not fully left the dock, JJ. Remember how Charlie is the one so enamored with the sound of her own voice whose rec's are quite obnoxious? So, heeding her rec's would not be the best of decisions, in retrospect.
-Very right on There's Something About Mary. I suppose it is necessary for a few to have a common target over which to bond. And therein lies the humor. Or at least the humor we find in it.
-Right, Tootsie is always a winner. Dustin 4ever! :)

Unknown said...

Ha. So, you outed yourself as disinterested in Pitt when you choose to spell (or rather misspell) his new movie the way you did. :)

I never got it how your disinterest was so hard for some to see.
Ha. Couldn't resist with this one.

Btw, JJ's Seattle story just about killed me. Typical!! I wasn't there but I could see the Curb reference....

Sra said...

Pellegrino? No, no, no, B.R., Perrier. Much better.

Anonymous said...

Good one on you. I'd go with the Conchords anytime.
And, wait, Pellegrino?
A joke, ja?