Friday, December 19, 2008

Laurel Canyon from the iPod

Laurel Canyon is one of the films I have on my iPod.
Here is the trailer. And yes, it's definitely worth a look.
Three reasons:

1) Informed script, especially if you are a lit person. This is one of the better depictions of gender and gendered discourse on the screen.
2) Alessandro Nivola, an unappreciated yet fantastic actor.
3) Frances McDormand who does not need an introduction.

It's a great film to watch on a big screen or on the iPod mini-screen when traveling.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. Have been wondering about this. Looks like a good cast. Batman's in there too, I see. :)
Why are you such a fan of Alessandro Nivola's?

Sra said...

I love Natasha McElhone in Californication.

This looks good.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it too.
Only a few people were in the theater when it opened but I guess they were all watching Harry Potter. I like empty theaters, actually.

Anonymous said...

Where is that song from and who's performing it?

B.R. said...

The song is called Shade and Honey and Alessandro Nivola is performing it.

The reason why I like Nivola is because he brings an extra degree of information and preparedness to the craft of acting. He almost exudes literature. The first time I noticed him was in the 1999 adaptation of Mansfield Park.

B.R. said...

This is the first film I saw him in:

Anonymous said...

Nivola is at his best here.

Anonymous said...

Nivola was good in Junebug, too.
Laurel Canyon is especially good if you have the graduate/trade school experience or simply have some experiential knowledge of what Laurel Canyon and the 'scene' and the 'scensters' are about.
And, yes, it's definitely a good film!

Unknown said...

I thought he was 'the making' of Mansfield Park. Johnny Lee Miller was ok, too.

Unknown said...

And the reason why I watched the film in the first place was because I heard the song first, Shade and Honey.