Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best Paragraph Read Today

Via MR.
I concur with Tyler over at MR. This is one of the best parenthetical remarks I've read in a while, like a few days or so.

"(The fictional 18th century heroine, Moll Flanders, recognized that a high self-regard can be dangerous, arguing that women who believe themselves beautiful are easier to seduce: “If a young woman once thinks herself handsome, she never doubts the truth of any man that tells her he is in love with her; for she believes herself charming enough to captivate him, ’tis natural to expect the effects of it.”)"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think it applied only to Moll Flanders... Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry dates an exceptionally beautiful woman who gets what she wants because she's cognizant of the power of her beauty on others. All others.

Sra said...

It's true: First money talks, then beauty talks. All the rest of us are screwed.