Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Just for Nick Cave Fans

I'm not a Nick Cave fan. I found him tolerable in Wim Wenders Der Himmel über Berlin. Other than that, I don't have much to say.
Be that as it may, I find Carrie's latest post smashingly brilliant. She, on the other hands, LOVES Nick Cave. After reading her post, you will see that the caps are, indeed, relevant.
So, the paragraph of the day would have to go to her.
I do think that a true music lover truly gets it what it means to be completely overwhelmed and thrown on ground by certain music.
Read this. You will react.
"I love being a new witness. A convert. Sometimes, I want music to knock me down so hard that it's a struggle to stand up again. The best music, and especially some of my favorite live moments, are like this -- so forceful that I need to regain my balance. Yes, it's unnerving to be caught off-guard by a sound -- for it to unsettle as oppose to soothe. But it's not a bad thing, on occasion, to have music cause you to lose your footing. By the end of the Nick Cave show, it felt like I'd fallen hard."
If you haven't read CB's blog, do so. She is very, very readable.

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JJ said...

WHY are you not a Nick Cave fan?

JJ said...

WHY are you not a Nick Cave fan?

Mary said...

Good stuff. It translates rather well what it feels like when surrounded by really, really good music.
But really, you don't like Nick Cave?!

dave said...


Will said...

I thought Nick Cave was a significant part of Der Himmel.
I suppose I get why you're not a fan, though.
You like Keane!
So, the rest is obvious..... :)

Tina said...

Was I wrong to assume that Nick Cave speaks to most informed rock lovers....?
But then there's no accounting for taste, right?