Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Do Women Pay More for a Haircut?

My stylist is truly democratic. And just how can I make such an observation about her? Well, for starters, she charges the same amount to both men and women for a haircut. Whether she's cutting an inch off of my hair, or five inches off of my male folks, she unwaveringly abides by her cutting principles. A haircut is a haircut and the price is the same for all. Liberty, justice, and equality of clipping charges to all.
Hence, when doing my quotidian newspaper reading this morning, I was a tad flummoxed upon reading this. A bit says:
"Trying to keep your hairstyle in line with Agyness Deyn's latest androgynous do can be expensive for a girl. A monthly trim at a unisex salon costs around £40. But, if you're a man, you'll pay up to half that for the same haircut.

For decades, it's been standard practice for hairdressers to charge women more for haircuts, based on the idea that women have longer hair and therefore their cuts take longer and require more expertise. No allowance has been made for the increasing popularity of short hair on women, particularly with the current trend for boyish crops, like mine. Indeed, when I went for my monthly trim last week, I found that the price had gone up £5 to £45, while the price of men's cuts had risen only £2 to £28. I was so insensed, I decided to seek legal advice.

"Recent amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act in April have strengthened the protection from sex discrimination, not just at work, but also in the wider world, from businesses who discriminate against individuals in the goods and services they offer," says Samantha Mangwana at Russell Jones & Walker. "Where a man and woman have the same haircut, and the same skills are required, the salon is acting unlawfully to charge them different prices. There does not appear to be any justification for the cost difference," she says."
What say ye?
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Anonymous said...

To see sexism in action, look no further than your hair stylist!

Liam said...

i've often wondered at this phenomenon, as well. the best i could come up with was that stylists discounted men's cuts because they needed to entice men to come in more often or to compete with all the cheap places the vast majority of men will go that women won't.

Unknown said...

It's a total double standard!
As if they're getting paid the same amount in the work place......
So unfair!!
That's why I always go to places where they charge the same amount for both sexes.
A haircut is haircut.
Wasn't it Edwards who'd get like $800.00 haircuts. I wonder how much the women were charged by that stylist...
And what else I'd like to know is what else these 'artists' provide. I mean, for real!

Sra said...

You know, I've never really thought about this before. I just figured if you want a nice looking haircut you have to be willing to pay more at a more expensive and skilled salon. But I never considered how much men may be charged at these same salons. I've had short boyish cuts too, and they've always been just as expensive as my long cuts, but I bet men with similar cuts don't pay as much.

I think this is similar to something I have noticed before, though: clothing prices. Women's clothing prices are much higher than men's, and I think Liam's on to something when he says men need to be enticed to buy the haircut or the clothing, cause they aren't going to buy something that's over priced. But I for one shop with an eye to what I like first and foremost, and only then do I consider price. Sometimes the high prices deter me, but other times I'm willing to be ripped off to get an article of clothing that really suits me.

Then again, my boyfriend always complains that there's a larger selection of women's clothing than men's, and he's right about that.

Double standards all around.

Anonymous said...

Plain unfair. I would suggest that we all ask for their book prices and demand to be charged the lowest amount. It's only fair. What does anatomy have anything to do with this?
What about transgender peole who have not fully transitioned?
Yeah, economic bottom line says: demand equality. If they charge more then one can always take their business to Great Clips or some such place.....