Monday, August 18, 2008

Queen's Brian May Finishes His Dissertation: PhD in Astronomy

Congrats to rocker and physicist Brian May of the band Queen for completing his dissertation and receiving his PhD in Astronomy. As I was perusing an academic journal just now, I came across this bit of news and, of course, I had to post this. Neophilologus, the journal, posts:
"Guitarist for band Queen, completes his PhD thesis.
Brian May, the guitarist and founding member of the legendary rock band Queen, earned his PhD in astronomy last year from Imperial College London. His PhD thesis has just been co-published by Springer and Canopus Publishing Ltd."
Tip of the hat to Brian May for finishing a dissertation. Getting a PhD is no walk in the park. As, I'm sure, performing "We Will Rock You" to sold out stadiums would be either....
graph per springer


Eric L said...

This is amazing! Good for him. I loved reading about this. Now I need to get off my butt, get to the library and read a few books. Research doesn't get done by itself. I'm sure Brian May worked his rock&roll behind off.

Jane said...

Man! Congrats Brian May! This is incredible!!! And Astronomy, no less. I wouldn't be that impressed if it was in something like, I don't know, literature? :)) And you're loving this comment just about now, right?
Couldn't resist.
But seriously, this is so inspiring as some of us know what it's really like to get a PhD.

Anonymous said...

His Wiki page says that he got a position as a univ. chancellor in the UK. How cool!!!

dave said...

this is such a neat story!