Thursday, August 21, 2008

The BlackBerry Review: European Style

What could this video tell us about cultural differences?
Pay attention to the last 20 seconds especially.


dave said...

a technical presentation that's clothed with culture, some good sight-seeing, and the cool-looking buses would almost be enough to make consider buying the new berry.
so, including history and urban context in one's very 'now' tech presentation is the wise thing to do, esp. if one is looking to appeal to the 'creatives.'

Nicki said...

I'm being tempted constantly to get the new iPhone even though the 'CrackBerry' and I are having quite the lovely relationship.
I suppose if I were to break up with it, it would be on account of me falling for a prettier, younger model.
I'd feel bad for a while but then the great features of the pretty, young model would be strong enough to soothe me.
Now, about the culture bit, as I was watching this I was thinking how the two reviewers looked like bona fide Steve Jobs employees, only they were reviewing a non-Apple gadget. Such a sensation was justified when I saw their review of the iPhone and Harry outs himself as an iPhone user. Why is it that some people simply look like Mac users?

Nicki said...

And another thing about the last question I asked, what's your take on customers who refuse to use anything BUT Apple products? Are they justified in their 'tech monogamy' or is it sheer pretension?

John said...

Perhaps a similar presentation on this side of the pond would have been made either in NYC or San Francisco.

Sra said...

Well they weren't afraid to disagree with one another. You don't see that as much over here unless you're watching Crossfire (and why would you?).

One of my bosses used to love his Blackberry soooo much. But one of his big clients does work with touchpads, so they bought him an iPhone so he could investigate whether it infringes any of their patents. He said to me, "They're buying me an iPhone, but I'm not going to stop using my Blackberry." But he and his beloved iPhone haven't been apart since. He even lined up to get the 3G the first day of its release.

I just roll my eyes. To be so bowled over by a phone is silly to me.

Sra said...

After having more time to think about it, I noticed that the woman liked the phone for its functionality as a gadget, while the man disliked the phone for its clunky form. I think in America women are more likely to be either wooed or turned off by form, and men by function.

James said...

Right. I was surprised by the form/content comments made by the woman and man, too.

Will said...

Is it me of is the woman's analysis more analytical?
I liked this, too.