Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best Paragraphs Read Today

Best Paragraphs I read today came from two different posts over at NPR's Monitormix. Carrie Brownstin's done it again, folks:
"I discovered last night that the albums we've come to take for granted can leave fresh marks upon us; they can override nostalgia and sentimentality; they can overtake a moment, permeate and flood. It's good to know, beyond mere mental recognition or a historical acknowledgement, that certain music can and does turn you inside out. It's hard to make the space, physically or mentally, for that power sometimes -- a lot of our music listening has become unintentional, crammed into crevices to make room for the rest of our hectic lives. Might I suggest, then, that every once in a while, you let some of your favorite songs or albums take over a whole room -- or, better yet, a whole night. But only if you're ready."
"Once a song exists, it never ceases to exist, whether I have constant access to it or not. And much of my music collection is under-appreciated and under-listened to anyway. It takes up as much of a psychological space as it does a physical one. I guess, in the process of downsizing, I've come to the conclusion that memory is as good of a storage space as anything. Sure, maybe in a few years I'll seek out some of these albums again -- but I might not even miss them. It might not even feel like they're gone."


Anonymous said...

"It takes up as much of a psychological space as it does a physical one."
Especially the latter since I, at least, am in the habit of buying stuff online now, so there's no real 'sign' of an actual cd.

Sra said...

Huh, I've been working on a post about the album as an artform, which is something I think we need to be reminded of in this age of MP3s, but I haven't written anything quite as eloquent. Oh well, it's going to post monday anyway.