Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Slydial: Straight to Voice Mail

Today I learned about Slydial.
Slydial is a free phone service that allows you to go straight to Voice Mail and leave a message. It's a tad impersonal, granted, but at the same time it looks pretty helpful. So, if you've ever had the following thought when calling someone: "please, don't pick up, please don't pick up. Voice mail, please!" then you might find Slydial useful.
Slydial could prove to be a good exercise in succinctness and economy of speech as well.
Learn more about Slydial here.
graph per Slydial


Anonymous said...

Ha. Their page is hilarious!!!
This is super helpful if you need to call that special someone and ask for your DVD's back. I know I'll use it. :)

Anonymous said...

Nifty. I often say to myself: 'straight to voice mail, pls.' cool.

Sra said...

This is excellent for someone like me with telephonophobia, as I like to say. For some reason I just can't communicate using speech without seeing someone's face.

I found your blog randomly through good old-fashioned blog surfing, Brikena. You might remember me as a student of yours at the UofU years ago -- Sarah Terry being my real life name. Glad to see you in the blogosphere. I've added your blog to my feed reader.


Anonymous said...

Ditto. I'm so using this. thx.

Anonymous said...

slydial rocks. i'm so adding it to my address book.

Anonymous said...

I used this today, btw. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

i'm txtually active but really lazy when it comes to actually speaking on the phone. So, this is super for m. thx.