Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Runway V: Thank you!

Since 'Clothing as Text' in a notion of interest to me, it makes good sense that I would pay some attention to Bravo TV's Project Runway. This show is one of the best things contemporary TV has to offer.
It's got all the necessary elements for good TV: dramatic yet talented artists, aesthetically intriguing projects, ah, and Tim Gunn.
The new season starts today and one of the contestants is the owner of Black Market, a new boutique in Columbus, OH I enjoy quite a bit.
It is a nice treat to see the owner of the boutique compete in this show. Her name is Kelli Martin and she is truly talented. Kelli won tonight's challenge by creating a truly textual piece.
Brava, Kelli and a hat tip to Bravo TV for affording some redemption to the concept of reality TV.
graph per bravotv


Jan said...

I Totally love this show. Kelli's dress was amazing!!! How cool that you can shop at her store! Is she more rockabilly or urban chic???

mary said...

the show would be better if Tim Gunn was more involved. seriously, what function does Heidi perform?!?

Nicki said...

I want to check out that store. I hope Kelly Martin wins. She seems to be the most promising from the bunch. Oh, Natalie Portman is guest judging this week.

Gina said...

grant an audience and go there together?

Gina said...

grant an audience and go there together?